19th June 2017


This image shows the scene of Jerome getting approved at the job interview. Jerome’s interview was approved by his genetics, the shot shows the device showing Jerome as a valid which meant that this was the only recognition needed for him to get the position. This shows that invalids are at a big disadvantage in society when valids are accepted into important jobs with question. Vincents job at Gattaca when he was himself the invalid was a cleaner of the center, when he took on the identity of jerome he became an employee of the facility.

Scene 1:28:36

The opening shot is a medium shot from withing the work area at gattaca. In this shot you can see vincent come into view as he walks into the empty work area that is dimly lit. VIncent stops and the camera moves to a medium shot of his brother Anton sitting at his work station. A close up shows Vincent walking towards Anton then the camera switches to the point of view of Vincent as he approaches. The camera keeps on zooming at Anton sitting at Vincent’s work station then a close up shot showing Vincent staring ahead. Close up shots are exchanged between Anton and Vincent as they speak. A medium shot shows Anton standing up and walking towards Vincent as Vincent walks backwards.

The opening shot is a shot showing the front of the classroom. This is like the original scene where the opening shot is Anton sitting in the front of the Gattaca office area at Vincents desk. The next shot which follows up is Finn with a medium shot walking through the class with him walking towards the camera. This is like the shot of vincent walking through the Gattaca office area.

This scene was shot like the scene when Jerome confronts his brother in the Gattaca office area. The Medium shot that moves towards the front of the classroom and the close up on finn walking through the classroom. Are shots that happen in the actual scene as well. Both scenes have the message that the person who is least likely to succeed because of a disadvantage they have because of genetics, because Finn achieved good grades and Vincent succeeded in his job.


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