24th October 2017


Dystopias like Farenhieght 451 work as moral warnings because we can see people that have similar mindsets to the characters in the novel.

Mildred is the definition of a moral warning as all she wants to do is sit in the parlour room and be immersed in the screen. From this we can see that she values the parlour highly above most things, we can see this in the quote.”Will you turn the parlour off?” he asked. “That’s my family.” “Will you turn it off for a sick man?” “I’ll turn it down.” She went out of the room and did nothing to the parlour and came back. This shows that Mildred’s life is centred around the parlour and she finds it more important to keep the volume up then to turn it down for montag who is sick. This is a moral warning because people can relate to this by seeing people that behave similar to mildred.

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