5th September 2017

gattaca exam

Non diegetic sound that is added into the scene later and the sound is also not implied to have come from the scene. Music was added to the scene to create tension throughout the scene. As Jerome was climbing the stairs there was music playing in the background, the music paying was dramatic that caused suspense while watching the scene. While Jerome was overcoming a challenge of climbing the DNA shaped staircase while being paralyzed. also when the cross cuts between the car and Jerome there also was non diegetic music playing. A theme shown in this scene is that because Jerome was already perfect he had no motivation to get better and when he saw Vincent going for his dream he felt inspired to help Vincent succeed in his. The music help create tension while Jerome is climbing the stairs and overcoming a challenge to help Vincent, Jerome didn’t end up trying to overcome his own challenges he only did it to help Vincent.

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